Wholesale 9cm and 2 litre Herbaceous Plants

Specialist Wholesale Growers of Herbaceous

We now grow over 500 varieties of top quality herbaceous plants in 9cm and 2 Litre pots. These all come with our eye-catching, full colour bespoke labels, which have colour headers that match the flower colour, along with bench tape and large correx point of sale.....making this a great product for retailers to sell.

New for 2015 - We can now offer you individual barcoding across the whole range of herbaceous plants if needed.

Our plants are grown outside, so they are exposed to the cold windy weather we experience on the east coast, making them a 'true to type' hardy plant. All compost has a pest preventative plus high rates of osmocote slow release 12-14 month fertiliser.

9cm Herbaceous  

A simple yet very effective range of hardy 9cm herbaceous plants. With over 500 varieties to choose from, grown hardy and overwintered, giving these vigorous plants a good root system to survive.

Great value for money and is a perfect range to stock with the ability to offer a good multi-buy for your customers.

Herbaceous Display.JPG

2 Litre Herbaceous  

We now have a superb range of 2 litre herbaceous plants that we grow. Over 500 varieties, with many choice varieties that are not available in our 9cm range.

All grown hardy and are competitively priced, along with some promotional lines that you can be reserved.



We offer a range of pre-pricing options to suit your needs.

  • Generic or Individual barcodes
  • Company Logo or Company name
  • Price
  • Multi-buys  


Delivery and Availability

We send a weekly availability list out every Thursday evening. You can download it direct from our website, or if you wish to have this emailed each week, then please enter your details by clicking here.

You can also order online using our 'Easy Online Ordering System' - This has a trolley builder so can see when you've reached a full trolley and also shows you the value as you go along. All plants are graded for growth stages, so will tell you if they're in flower etc. and if you are unsure of a variety, then you can click on the link and it will display an image and descriptions. The system is also responsive to mobiles and tablets so you won't have to scroll from left to right to see everything. Try today!

For orders that are received by 12 noon on Monday we will deliver the same week.

Our minimum delivery is just 1 trolley, in which we offer free delivery to England and Wales, and a £25 per trolley charge for Scotland. This can be made up with any of the products that we supply.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us

Click here to use our 'Easy Online Ordering System'